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2023 Food Bank Mid-Year Report

Before planning for 2024 and beyond, food banks like yours should take stock of where they are now. Despite how tired we all are of talking about the COVID pandemic, its effect on food banks is still lingering and reflected in this report.

RKD Group examined data from 82 of our food bank clients across the U.S. to better understand how new post-COVID baselines are taking shape. The detailed results in this report will be beneficial for strategic planning throughout the remainder of the year and next.

Key takeaways

Post-COVID numbers have stabilized

A "new normal" has settled in, with revenue and active donor counts higher than before the pandemic.

Donor value and gift frequency hit 5-year highs

Despite the impact of inflation, donors who can afford to give are giving more and driving donor value.

Spring acquisition was slow

Inflation and high interest rates factored into the decline of total new donors, a challenge to focus on moving forward.

Retention rates are holding strong

Although we questioned the stickiness of new donors during the pandemic, stable and healthy core donors have emerged.

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