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Donor sentiment toward 2020 year-end fundraising

The big question on every fundraiser’s mind today is: What will year-end giving look like? Rather than gaze into a crystal ball, we decided to go right to the source. We asked donors.

RKD Group and The Nonprofit Alliance teamed up to commission donor sentiment research in late August in order to obtain a better understanding of what December giving will look like and who will likely be donating this holiday season. The detailed results in this report will be beneficial for year-end plans and projections.

What we're sharing

Who will give

How much donors have given already in 2020 plays a large role in whether they will give more in December.

The impact of COVID

Many donors have felt the health and economic implications of the pandemic on a personal level.

Generational differences

Younger donors – Millennials and young Gen Xers – have stepped up their charitable giving so far in 2020.

Narrowing of the pyramid

The long-term trend of fewer donors giving bigger gifts has continued to grow during COVID.

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