2023 RM Benchmark Gate Image

2023 Rescue Mission Benchmarks

The last few years have been full of change for rescue missions - including the evolution into life-transformation ministries, changing attitudes toward religion and a global pandemic.

RKD Group examined data from our rescue mission clients across the U.S. to better understand how these changes have impacted fundraising trends. The detailed results in this report will be beneficial for strategic planning throughout the reminder of the year.

Key takeaways

Missions saw strong revenue while active donors declined

Donor volume declined 7% in 2022 versus pre-COVID numbers.

A new quality of donors has emerged

Although there are fewer donors, those who retained gave higher gifts and more frequently than ever before.

Retention should be watched closely

Lapsed donors responded a lot like disaster donors - they returned to support missions during the pandemic but stopped giving once the emergency subsided.

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