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Amplifying stories of innovation and purpose

RKD Group: Thinkers, The Nonprofit Marketer’s Podcast, gives a platform to the sector’s innovators, thinkers and leaders. We dive deep into your stories to provide inspiration, motivation and connection. 


About RKD Group: Thinkers 

The podcast for nonprofit marketers, RKD Group: Thinkers is a long-form discussion about the people who influence nonprofit marketing and fundraising. Unlike others that focus on craft, we focus on the people, pioneers and thinkers. We dive deep into the inspirations and motivations behind the brightest minds in and around the nonprofit sector.

About RKD Group: Chat

RKD Group: Chat brings listeners behind-the-scenes. Showcasing people who are working at and with nonprofits, Group: Chat peels back the layers of day-to-day life for professionals in the sector. These short stories are dedicated to shedding light on the compassion and purpose of people and the causes they serve. 

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Justin McCord

Justin McCord

As the SVP of Marketing & Communications and founder of the RKD Group: Thinkers podcast, Justin pairs his passion for people, storytelling and nonprofit fundraising to spark conversations with some of the brightest minds in the sector.

Ronnie Richard

Ronnie Richard

Ronnie is the Sr. Manager of Communications and co-host of the RKD Group: Thinkers Podcast. Ronnie's expertise as a journalist and marketer helps him dig deeper into the inspirations and motivations behind some of the industry’s top leaders.

Kate McKinley

Kate McKinley

Kate is the Manager of Communications and host of the RKD Group: Chat Podcast. An avid reader and writer, Kate uses her passion for storytelling to capture the heart and purpose of the people behind the missions.


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