Social Tools


Social media competitor analysis

Check in on your competitors with a free head-to-head analysis for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To take advantage of this feature, click on “Free Tools” in the navigation bar and pick your desired social channel.

Facebook Linter

Metadata and OG tag checker

Ever wonder what your link will look like when you share it on Facebook? Drop it into this tool for a preview. Make sure the image is compelling and will stand out in a donor’s news feed. If the image or meta copy is missing, you’ll know before it goes live. 

Twitter Card Validator

Metadata and OG tag checker

Similar to the Facebook Linter, the Twitter Card Validator allows you to enter your URL and preview what your post will look like before you post it. This is a great way to double check that your post is compelling and appearing as intended. 


Ad search and measurement

Moat gives you a glimpse at past digital ads run by thousands of organizations. Check out what the competition has been up to. 


Website Tools

Google Tag Assistant

Tag assistant for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

This is a Chrome browser extension that will display whether or not a site has Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager working. Google Tag Assistant is a great tool to use if you want to ensure that you have a particular Google Tag installed correctly on your page.

google tag

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and pixel identifier

This is another Chrome browser extension that allows you to audit your tags and pixels. Use ObservePoint to make sure your tags and data collection tools are functioning properly.


TechStack intelligence

Ever wonder what tech stack a particular website or competitor is using? Drop it in the search bar of BuiltWith to find out. 


Domain name search tool

If you're looking to see if a domain name is available, is the tool for you. If a domain name is registered, it will also tell you who the DNS provider is, when the domain name was registered and when it expires. This is a great tool for researching website information for competitors or for gathering details on your own site.

Website accessibility

Accessibility is a hot topic in the digital space and will be a critical component of nonprofit websites in the coming years. WAVE allows you to evaluate where your website stands in terms of WCAG standards.


Webpage screen captures

This Chrome extension allows you to print webpages as PDFs or JPGs. Thanks to its scrolling screenshot feature, it's especially helpful when you need to capture something longer than the screen length.


SEO Tools


Webpage quality assessment

This Google tool is used to analyze your website's Lighthouse score. A Lighthouse score assesses the quality of a webpage by auditing things like performance, accessibility, SEO and more. To use this tool, open an incognito window in your Chrome browser. Visit and website of your choosing and right click. From there, select the Lighthouse option and run a report for Desktop or Mobile.


Broken backlink checker

This super valuable tool will help you check your website for broken backlinks. If your website has too many broken backlinks, it'll look less legitimate to search engines, impacting your SEO.


Organic and paid search competitor analysis

SpyFu has free features that provide high-level info on organic and paid search. You can also see a competitor analysis around competitive search keywords. This tool will help you see where you stand in comparison to key competitors, helping you identify gaps in your content strategy.

PageSpeed Insights

Page speed checker

Analyze your page speed with this valuable tool. Google has made it known that slow loading speeds will negatively affect organic search rankings.


Email Tools

Litmus blog

Email knowledge

The Litmus blog has guides, insights, trends and tips to help make your email marketing more effective than ever. 

Bonus: Check out their annual report for a comprehensive look at email marketing and to see how the latest trends are impacting the industry.

litmus blog-1
Email Client Market Share

Email market share analytics

Another Litmus tool, Email Client Market Share will give you a glimpse at worldwide email client usage stats. This can be a good measurement tool to see how your organization is stacking up compared to industry standards.


News & Research Tools

Google Alerts

News alerts

Keep tabs on when your nonprofit is in the news. When you sign up for Google Alerts, you'll get an email when any keyword —like your nonprofit's name— appears in a news article.


eCommerce UX performance

Baymard compiles research across large eCommerce sites to access what designs cause usability issues to give you best practices and tips to implement for your own site.

Giving USA

Annual industry reports

Giving USA releases valuable reports on the nonprofit industry, including an Annual Report and Planned Giving, DAF and Giving to Religion reports.

Chronicle of Philanthropy

Industry news

Chronicle of Philanthropy is a great place to keep track of the latest industry news.